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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Website updates

Today has been spent updating the website and ordering yarn that we are out of. Shepherd Sock is up to date (missing colours have been ordered) and waiting for Korey to add pictures of new colours.

New Noni patterns have been added. Here are some of her felted flowers. The colours are bright and cheerful-they make great blog pictures.

Clematis Flowers on the Vine-pattern 216

Just Pansies-pattern 211

Over the past few weeks people have been phoning with questions about the Tent Sale. I have saved them all up and here are the answers
-We will accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Cash
-The doors open at 7pm on Thursday. No one will get in before that time
-How much yarn we put out on Thursday will depend on available room. There could be some yarn that won't be put out until Friday
-There is a good chance that we will discount the yarn even further on Saturday

I can't believe that Idol went over time again last night. If they would keep Kara and Paula quiet things would be okay. We fast forward when either of them are talking-it is like fingers on a chalk board.

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