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Friday, May 29, 2009

Very Frustrated

No knitting last night. Beth's birthday is coming up (a very big one) so Mom and Dad decided to give her an iPhone-she has been coveting mine for a while and it's time she had her own. I got home from work and she begged me to go with her and get one. Off we go to the Rogers Store on Upper James. It takes forever to buy a cell phone but we did come home with one. Now the fun begins because I need to set up iTunes on her computer. By bed time I had everything up and running for her.

I started picking up stitches around the neck on my cardigan when I got to work. I was done the right front, back and part of the left front when I took a good look at what I had done. The right front stitches looked awful. I took these out from the beginning and picked them up (going in the wrong direction which wasn't easy). The pick up should have been done hours ago-very frustrating. Three rows are done now.

We are having family night out tonight. Dinner at Jack Astor's and then we are having family pictures done. This is traumatic for Beth and I. When we were young our grandmother made a huge deal out of pictures. Lean a little to the left, smile, fix your hair, etc, etc, etc. Now we don't have pictures taken!!

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