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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A great Saturday afternoon

The store was busy this morning but now everyone is outside enjoying the beautiful weather. A few more rows were knit on the neckband of my cardigan before starting a newsletter that I want to get out on Monday.

For the newsletter I was looking at Jane Thornley's website. Her work is amazing and I love looking at the pictures of her finished garments. She is a true fiber artist. This is from her new Feather and Fan Club Guide.

My computer just chimed to tell me that there was a new email message. It must be a full moon tonight because Jane's latest newsletter just came through.

Last night after I closed the store we had a family dinner before going to have our pictures taken. As I was leaving the restaurant to run home and change there was a torrential down pour. I was soaked!!! I got home and had to blow dry my hair and change all my clothes, not just my shirt. The rain slowed down as we were driving over and then as we arrived it started hard again. Luckily the water drops on my shirt dried up by the time the pictures were taken. It was one of those straight back, lean forward, head to the left and forward, etc, etc, etc. It's a good thing we love our mom.

My day is done in the store. I hope to get the neckband and both front bands done over the weekend. Maybe all the sewing as well-you never know. Enjoy the nice afternoon.


Lost Mitten said...

The weather is so crazy lately, we are switching from a bright and sunny day to pouring rain so quickly and suddenly! I'm happy to hear that the store is busy! :) Enjoy your weekend!

irenka said...

i was in that rain. Good thing no one wanted a picture of me.