Saturday, May 23, 2009

Events on Ravelry

Bev brought in this great boys sweater knit in Sirdar Crofter (pattern 2256). The yarn is acrylic/cotton/wool, machine washable and it self stripes like sock yarn.

While playing on Ravelry today (I know I should have been knitting) I found something that was new to me. Go to 'My Notebook' and then 'Groups/Events'. Look on the right side (just under the main headings) and you will see Groups or Events. Now you can see all the Events in your area. I have added our October retreat to this. If you are coming to the retreat, please add yourself too.

Dad, Mom and Beth are currently at Terra Greenhouses picking up the new plant for our front porch. Dad and Beth went this morning but there wasn't anything they liked so a plant is being put together for us. Dad and Beth out together can be scary-we might have something that takes up the whole front porch. I will take pictures when I get home.

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