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Monday, May 11, 2009

The day started good

I haven't slept well the past few nights so I slept in this morning to try and catch up. I wrote a newsletter after I woke up-it should go out tomorrow after Beth proof reads it. This afternoon was spent watching golf. Tiger didn't win which makes me happy. It's nice to see someone else win for a change. Made a great dinner of pork chops on the barbecue and scalloped potatoes. Mom and dad made it home safely from Myrtle Beach. The Amazing Race-my team won. Tammy and Victor were my pick on week one. Usually this is the kiss of death but not this time.

Then the evening turned bad. Three hour of Celebrity Apprentice and the winner is Joan Rivers. WHAT??? Annie was the better player all season yet she doesn't win? Joan said some horrible things about Annie-I can't believe Annie didn't reach over and slap the woman. Joan caused the decorator to quit but when Annie said it Joan jumped down her throat. And what about Donald? In my opinion he picked Joan to win because they are personal friends. He should have stopped Joan's comments in the board room on more than one occasion but let Joan go on and on. Can you tell that I am really mad??? I wasted many Sunday nights watching that show. My rant is over and I won't bring it up again but I know that I won't sleep well tonight because I am so mad!!

No knitting was done today but hopefully tomorrow there will be some knitting time. I need to get my Noro cardigan done!! I think I might be procrastinating because of all the ribbing to finish it but I want it finished for my trip to Columbus in June and knowing myself it will be the night before we leave that I will start it. Don't do that-get it done.

I promise that I will wake up in the morning with a much better attitude and be in a happier mood. :)


Wannietta said...

I totally agree!! The only reason that Dennis, Trace & Donald picked Joan is that she has influence in the entertainment industry and they don't want to cross her. She was grossly unprofessional and largely ineffective at fundraising and PM'ing.
Saying that she deserved it because she won 3/5 of the criteria for the task is crap. Donald has fired better people for less in the past.
Annie deserved the win, the title & the bragging rights - she was robbed!!
I may never watch that show again.

Brenda said...

Just because they have money doesn't mean they are smart. Or caring. Or kind. Or sensitive.