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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The day could only get better

I woke up early to get some parcels mailed before taking my truck in for servicing. I needed to print two cheques and the first printed but the second one didn't. The only fix for this is to close Windows and start again. Did that and the cheque printed but now I can't open my accounting. I need to sign in and it tells me my password is wrong. NOW WHAT DO I DO? Sorry for shouting but it is a real mess. I am going to try and fix it tonight and if I can't then I will load the program on my laptop and go from there. I have my accounting backed up but I don't know how far back it goes. There has been many swear words flying around in my head!!

The weather this morning was crappy as well. Rain and wind. As Beth and I were leaving for the Ford dealership I tried to open the garage door from her truck but it wouldn't open. Now I am starting to get frustrated. Is my whole day going to be about things not working? I ran into the house to open it from the inside and our power was off. Hopefully it will be back on when I get home.

I saw a sales rep today and ordered Noro, Debbie Bliss, Sirdar and a few other yarns for fall. The total was huge but the yarns are great.

More yarns have been added to the site.
-Dream in Color Smooshy
-Dream in Color Classy (I stopped entering amounts to write this)
-Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace

Malabrigo Chunky (Kettle Dyed pure Merino) arrived today. There are 95m in a 100gram ball. The pattern for this sweater is in the Malabrigo book #1 - designs by Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton.

We received five colours. I took a picture with my phone and emailed it to myself so I can add here but the email isn't coming through (I even sent it twice). I won't get frustrated!! Here they are from the Malabrigo web site.

259 Charrua
275 Noviembre
247 Wales Road
246 Hummingbird
126 Brillante

I left work and had my nails done. When I returned home this picture was waiting for me.

My accounting still doesn't work but I think I found the flash drive with the most recent backup. Now if you can tell me where I put the box with the accounting disk in it I will be very happy.

Beth made pizza for dinner and we are getting ready to watch Survivor-along with two hockey games and a baseball game. A wall of TVs in the loft would be a good thing.

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