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Friday, May 01, 2009

Coach doesn't lie??

Do you know how hard it is to find size 2 pants that don't cost a fortune? I needed new mannequin clothes for the Frolic and started at Winners. Outrageous prices-my girls didn't need $80 pants. I hate shopping at Winners as well which didn't help. Then off to Cotton Ginny. I didn't know the store in Ancaster had closed. The last resort (because it was Thursday night and I was out of time) was Zellers. They have a large section of men's and children's clothes but the ladies section was very small. I did find some cute pants but the only colour that would work was black. The lime, orange and hot pink were cute but none matched my sweaters. This girl is wearing size 2 but they only had one pair so my other girl is wearing a 4 with lots of pins.

Speaking of the Frolic, I need to thank all the volunteers from the DKC for their work putting on this amazing event.

The sweater is from Sirdar-knit in their new Juicy.

Coach sure is a piece of work. He has preached for the past how many weeks that he was going to play the game and not lie but he sure got caught last night. I think voting Sierra off was a great move. Coach and Debbie think they are golden but hopefully that changes next week.

I did not shed any tears when Andrea left Hell's Kitchen last night. My prediction is that Paula will win.

A new shawl newsletter went out this morning. A general newsletter will go out next week. Monday I am off to Toronto to see the new yarns for fall from Noro and Sirdar. Then I will see the new Rowan on Tuesday so the newsletter is put on hold until I have some exciting news for you.

The first sleeve of my Silk Garden Lite cardigan was cast off this afternoon and the ribbing is started on the second sleeve. Somehow some yarn jumped in my knitting bag as I was walking out the store. A shawl is in the near future.


Sally said...

I agree with you about Coach and about Andrea. I also think Paula will win.

Can't wait for the news on the new yarns. Thanks Julie.

Sally said...

Ps. now that I think about I don't think I have EVER looked at size two pants.