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Monday, May 18, 2009

Beautiful Flowers

Dad and I went to Terra Greenhouses today to buy a plant for our front porch.

Mom and Dad went on Saturday and Dad was excited to go again today. "Isn't it beautiful?" was all he could say. This kept him busy for a few hours. He isn't used to having a day off and doing nothing.

This is the plant I chose. We get sun all afternoon long so many of the plants I picked out wouldn't work. Dad and I decided we need another plant for the main part of the porch-this one is too small. He was set to go back right away but I am watching the dogs. We could have gone in a couple of hours but there is someone letting off fireworks and Melo is very, very upset. He is lying in the laundry room right now shaking like crazy.

I'm going back to my accounting now. My bank is balanced which was the biggest job. The sling box is on and I am having a Y&R marathon while working.

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Rhonda said...

Lady is just as bad. She hid in the bathtub for quite awhile last night. The vet said to give her 2adult gravol. Apparently ist settles them down. Not sure about that one yet.