Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shawl Pins

As many of you know I love shawl pins. Today a shipment arrived from British Columbia.

These are hand made by a wood artist named Dale.

I call and request colours-we aren't always on the same page but we were this shipment. I want every single one of them!!

This is the Dream in Color Classy-kind of overflowing. We will have lots of stock at the Frolic. We even have a special colour just for 2009 called Plum Paisley (in Baby and Groovy as well).

Boy is American Idol boring me. Luckily we had it taped and could fast forward to the people worth listening to. Too bad we can't declare Adam the winner and get onto something else.

I thought I would have pictures of a finished cardigan to show you tonight. Unfortunately I couldn't get the collar to sit right. After taking it off twice I finally got it right. I sewed across the back first and then down the sides. (You will understand tomorrow when the finished picture is up.) The last two days of Y&R are taped and I am going to watch and finish the sewing. Most of the ends are sewn in so there should be pictures coming soon.

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