Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We keep hearing that scarves are out but everyday customers are buying yarn to knit scarves and the pattern companies keep bringing out scarf patterns. A package arrived today from Lynda (one of my knitters) and these two scarves were in the box.

This is Classic Elite's Silky Alpaca Lace and two balls will make the scarf.  The books and yarn are packed for the Frolic-they will be in the store next week.  

You might be wondering why I am already packing.  I have some anxiety about the show-I don't want to take too much but I don't want to set up the booth and have it empty.  I have been doing shows for over 15 years but figuring out the amount to take never gets easier. 

Lorna's Laces Pearl. I keep talking about this yarn and now that I see it knit I love it more. This is a close up of the scarf (I tweeted the full scarf earlier today). This yarn is also packed.

I spent yesterday working in the store-cleaning. I spent most of the day in the 'kitchen'. I then started on the cash desk-this is going and we are getting a smaller one. There were phone books under the counter from 1997. What?? After work tonight I started on the back room. There are lots of great yarns put away for the tent sale. I found some Rowan Chunky Chenille and four pairs of shoes.  

I have been working on the computer since I got home finishing the brochure to hand out at the Frolic and making the price cards for the booth.  This is finally done and I am going to package up some yarn to ship out in the morning.  I was going to wind more yarn for Tulip kits but that will be tomorrow nights job.


Marcy Hobbs said...

I've been seeing scarves all over the fashion magazines lately. I recently read that they are THE accessory for the spring/summer. And who wouldn't want a hand knit one over a mass merch?

FashionTouch - Cool Knits for Moms and Kids (and Photo Props:)) said...

Scarves indeed are the best accessorie, love them a lot, knit them a lot and wear them a lot!!! Quick and simple way to add style!

Lots of work is always good, especially if you love your work!!! Hope the tent sale went well!