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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rearranging again

It's almost 6pm and I should think about going home soon.

Cathy volunteered to help me today getting the store back in order. We almost finished-tomorrow I should be done. While we were unpacking boxes we moved things around-what did you expect?

In the midst of my mess the mail man showed up with five boxes. HELP!! Namaste, Blue Sky Alpacas, Fiesta La Boheme, the summer Interweave Knits and another box that I haven't looked at.

The cover garment of the new spring/summer Vogue is knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton. We were out of this colour but it's here again.

It's now 9pm and I have finished the families tax returns and can continue with my post.

There is a problem with my outgoing email server so I couldn't email the pictures to myself and finish the post at the store. These have been downloaded to my Mac.

Part of the mess after I emptied my truck on Monday.

This is more of the mess.

Dream in Color Classy lived at the front door for some time but now we have some scarves and scarf yarn. One of the many changes we made today.

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