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Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Weekend

Once I get through this week then life might be back to normal. Unpacking from Frolic, GST and the families tax returns.

The Frolic was great on Saturday. Dad, Beth and I went Friday afternoon to set up. We arrived in Toronto around 3:30 and I sent them on their way at 6. I stayed until 9 to get as much done as possible. Saturday morning I was up at 5 and on the road by 6. The doors of the show opened at 9 and we were busy until closing time at 4.

It was great seeing all the knitters who came out on a beautiful day. If you were in the booth and I didn't get a chance to say 'hi', I am sorry.

We just got everything in the trucks and started driving when the weather turned NASTY. The wind was blowing so hard I thought it was going to overturn our vehicles. We were sitting at a stop light and my truck was rocking back and forth. Then the torrential rains started and continued all the way home. Beth and I changed quickly and were off to a 40th birthday party.

Yesterday was spent laying on the couch watching TV. The Nascar race could have been one of the best of the past few years. Amazing Race is really boring me but there are only a few episodes left so I might as well finish the season. Then there was Celebrity Apprentice. Could Melissa Rivers be any more of a suck? Grow up. This is a game. It will be interesting to see if Joan shows up next week.

Mom and dad left yesterday morning for Myrtle Beach and Beth had a busy day at work so the unpacking was left to me. I went to the store and unpacked what needed to be there and then took the items for storage to the warehouse. Then I got my dad's truck, went to the store and unloaded more. Unfortunately I couldn't get everything from the back of the truck. Off to the warehouse again to unload more and then we could get the rest from the back. Back to the parent's, moved what was left back to my truck and then home. I will unload the last bit in the morning. The store looks like a bomb went off.

Now I am going to try and fix my iPhone. I can receive messages but any messages I send out are lost in space. If you sent me an email over the last week and didn't get a reply, please let me know.

There are two hockey games on tonight and they both start late. Maybe a quick nap is in order so I can stay up late.

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