Friday, March 06, 2009

What a great day

The weather today was amazing. You couldn't help but be happy. Hopefully spring is here. It was hard getting dressed this morning. Nothing in my closet was exciting me. After much digging I came up with my Summer Tweed sweater.

Sarah came in today with her Felted Clutch with Roses knit out of Cascade 220. You can find the pattern on Ravelry-go to patterns and enter Pipp's Purses.

Survivor last night-great TV. A cross tribe alliance. That is going to be interesting. We didn't get a chance to watch Hell's Kitchen last night. Maybe tomorrow night. After Survivor we had to quickly watch American Idol. When you don't watch all the talking the show goes quickly. What a drama queen Tatiana was. I am so glad that she didn't make it through because I don't think I could watch her every week.

Sorry this is a quick post. Beth and I are going bowling with our kids.

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Pipp said...

Thanks for the design credit and the Ravelry nod.
Sarah's bag is adorable:)
AKA: Pipp