Tuesday, March 03, 2009


One of Annie Adams great shawl pins. 
In a previous post I showed her new key chains.  There are two styles-one says KNIT and the other says YARN.

Annie's amazing stitch marker pendant that comes with a silver chain.

Saturday night we watched Slumdog Millionaire.  Great movie!!!  I highly recommend it.  There were a couple of gory parts but they didn't ruin the movie.  Mom and dad saw it the same evening.  When they said they were going to see it we were a bit afraid that they wouldn't like it (they normally go to movies that don't require thinking) but they loved it too.

Did anyone watch The Bachelor last night?  What a jerk!!  First he picks Melissa and then comes on national TV to dump her.  I spent a bit of time reading some blogs online today and there is speculation that this was set up from the beginning for ratings.  Interesting.  It is on again tonight-what are they going to show us?

I've got to run.  Beth has Idol on and she won't wait for me.

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