Monday, March 09, 2009

Lisa has been very busy finished up her UFOs. This pattern can be found in the new Debbie Bliss magazine as well as the Cathay pattern book. Lisa used Cathay (cotton and silk blend) and the new magazine uses Prima (wool/bamboo blend).

I am watching the Y&R while doing paperwork and just have to comment. Ashley is pregnant-how is that possible? How old is she supposed to be? Ashley was in her 20s when I started watching 30 years ago. Victor is the father? Good thing he had his vasectomy reversed!! It is amazing how the characters age on a soap opera. They go from infant to teen in a couple of years and then once they reach 30 they don't age another year. I think I will pretend I am a soap opera character from now on and my age is 35.

Amazing Race last night did not have the outcome I wanted. Amanda and Kris were a great team-I think front runners to win.

Celebrity Apprentice-not sure what I should say about it. Scott Hamilton was a terrible project manager. Clint Black seems like an ass and I thought he was going to be a good guy. Tom Green is annoying but I think we all knew that.

I need to finish paperwork at the other computer now and then work on my knitting. I am almost done the body of February Lady. Just have the last inch of garter stitch on the bottom to finish. Then picking up for the sleeves.

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