Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is Roko really smart?

The body of my February Lady is done. I am now working on sleeve number one. 

The pattern is easy to follow except for one thing. The buttons on the picture and the buttons in the written instructions are on different sides. When I went to work the first row of the lace pattern it said to start on the right side but then it wouldn't look like the picture. I looked at the picture and re read the instructions for 15 minutes but couldn't make it work. I then logged onto Ravelry and read peoples comments. Yes, the picture and instructions are different. I made mine like the instructions.

This isn't something to get overly excited about especially since the pattern was free. Had I paid for the pattern I might have had more issues with this. A comment would have been nice but such is life.

We are restocked on Buddy Cases except for Hollywood Pink which should be available at the end of the month.  I took this picture to show you that the lid of the cases are magnetic.

When I go to sleep at night I leave more door open just a bit.  In the morning Beth leaves for work before I do.  She feeds the dogs and Roko always finishes long before Melo.  His new trick is to push my door open, jump on my bed and cry.  Melo then comes running and Roko heads to the kitchen to finish Melo's breakfast.  We always thought that Roko was the dumb dog but maybe he really is smart.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think Roko is brilliant!

Unknown said...

Roko: Sneaky like a fox !

Lost Mitten said...

Those cases look fantastic - a magnetic lid, awesome idea!