Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dreams and Twitter

Last night I had some wild dreams. In the first dream I was still in University. That was over 20 years ago but this is a recurring dream. It is the beginning of April and we are going on a week long break. Then there are 3 weeks of classes before exams. I have three classes (French, History and Art) that I have never attended a class for-I wonder why. Now I need to go and get caught up. Unfortunately I don't even know where the class rooms are and I don't have my schedule so I must somehow get a copy of my schedule to go to class. In the second dream we are in Vegas with our parents. Beth, Mom and I are playing a game (not a known casino game or slot machine) something like skee ball. You know-the carnival game where you bowl balls and they jump up into slots that are worth different amounts. We made over $500,000.00 playing that. Unbelievable. Then we let my mom carry around $300,000.00. What were we thinking? My mom was wearing the most amazing jewelry as well. She took a Christmas card that had a wreath on the front and cut out the centre of the wreath. Then she put her chain through the centre so the card was hanging from her chain. Quite the look I must say. Again, this dream took place in April so I made her take it off.

I am chuckling (okay rolling on the floor in laughter) at the second dream. There are two subconscious things going on here. Beth and I didn't take our Christmas tree down until
February-it looked so good and the work to pack everything away was huge. When Beth and I went on our first trip to NZ we took a gift for the owner of Naturally Yarns wife. They took us out to dinner every night and really looked after us. We bought her a Swarovski Christmas tree decoration but she thought it was a pendant-she went and bought a heavy duty chain to wear it around her neck. I don't know how she could stand the weight.

Last night I spent quite a while playing with Twitter and understanding it can be a bit daunting. When I was looking around before I had an account I thought that this "@Jacqueline_Soak National Post-congrats!!" meant that Jacqueline had posted to me saying this but in reality this is my message to her. (This is the same for the Twitter updates on the left side of my blog). If you are following me then you will see what I type to someone but not what they typed to me. Very confusing. After a few hours I am an expert (LOL!!!) though. Now I can decipher what is going on. I was also confused because I have a 'home' page with more on it than you see-things that weren't showing up when I was looking at other peoples page.

Beth's question-how do the people at Twitter make money?

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