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Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm back to my knitting. Clue #2 of Follow Your Arrow is done.

So far I am following the A stream. Clue 3 has been started since my pictures and I ended up doing A again.

We had some great news last week. Our townhouse finally sold. It's been a long haul. Getting up every morning and cleaning the house isn't something I wish on my worst enemy. Makeup and hair products away. Bed made with the 10 throw pillows (who thought that was a good idea). Wipe the granite counters and sink. Clean the hardwood. Make sure dirty laundry is in the hampers. The house shone for 6 months. Today not so much. Now we just have to get our new house in order. We've had possession for a month but there are issues. I'm not going to go into them all but we've had the fireplace redone. A wall knocked down and redone. Today we met with the builder about our tile floor. The house has been painted 3 times already and then need to paint it again. Everything will work out. Just not fast enough for me. We don't have to move right away so we are getting the new house in order before the moving truck comes.

Today was a shopping trip to Urban Barn. There was a sale on living room furniture. We bought a special chair for the loft. This is going to cause a fight!
For a snuggle or a snooze, this chair invites and delights, providing a nest-like retreat for one or two. No-sag springs and reinforcement provide extra support while three plump cushions and a toss pillow surround your private sanctuary.
The perfect chair to read or play on the iPad. In quiet. It will fit a human and a dog. Now you see where the fight begins. Which human and which dog?

Now I need to go finish my tax return. Nobody wants to keep the taxman waiting.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Yarn and Puppies

We had a great day at the Frolic. A room full of yarn and knitters. How can that be a bad day?

Thank you to the Frolic organizers and volunteers for a great day.

Thank you to dad and Beth for helping Friday night and then coming back yesterday afternoon to pack up.

Thank you to my crew - Lynn, Sarah and Wannietta. You won't see Wannietta in any pictures because she was also a Frolic volunteer and was working that job before the show opened. Once the crowds were let in we didn't have time for more pictures.

Dad, Beth, Lynn and I went on Friday night to set up the booth. Lynn stayed overnight and we headed out early to finish up in the morning. Unfortunately I didn't take into account the extra time needed because the DVP was closed. It was a bit of a rush to get ready. When Sarah arrived she asked about booth pictures. I handed her my phone and off she went.

Sarah Selfie.

Sarah and Lynn Selfie. They knit the cover sweater of the newest Interweave in Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag. Now everyone is thinking about their Knitter's Fair sweater. We need to decide early so that Wannietta can get in on this.

We had some special visitors in the booth late Saturday afternoon. Missy has been working with Guide Dogs for years. She takes them for the first year of their life and they go everywhere. She's had dogs in my store. At the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. They go on vacation. To the bar. Wherever Missy goes, the dog goes. Right now she has two.
Beth told me to trade yarn for this guy. He is so cute. I want/need him.
Here is a link to the website about Guide Dogs. Rick Mercer did a segment on them and until then I didn't realize that Guide Dogs get no government funding. These dogs are a life saver for many people.

Today is all about rest. And knitting. I need to get back to my pashmina shawl. Tomorrow we unpack. I'm hoping that if I leave everything in the van that someone will magically unload it for me.

Friday, April 24, 2015

One more sleep

We're home from setting up the booth. It will look much better tomorrow after we get the garments hung and the booth 'fluffed'.

This is going to be a quick post because it's bed time. 5am is going to be here soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Longest Day

The new Twist Collective is out and there is a great article on the Provisional Cast-On...
Unlike a standard cast-on, which is intended to permanently secure the stitches at their base, a provisional cast-on is temporary.
The patterns in this issue are amazing - shawls, sweaters and even a kids section. You can purchase them from Twist Collective or you can purchase the patterns on Ravelry (and then they will be in your Ravelry library)

I am in love with tosh pashmina. There hasn't been a lot of knitting time so I don't have pictures of my shawl but here are a few suggestions if you want to knit with the yarn.
Pattern: Rosa (free on Ravelry)
2-3 skeins of pashmina
Pattern: Shalimar (purchased on Ravelry)
3 skeins of pashmina
Lace and cables combine to create beautiful curves in this lace stole. A luxury blend of yarn makes this a truly opulent knit.

Today is the longest day. We are ready to pack the van and head to Toronto but it's too early to do that. The store is a mess. I'm set to go. Now I have to wait. And think. Did I pack everything I need? Samples? Kits? Patterns? Bags? Display items? Brochures? And the to do list starts to get long. But I'm working so I can't do running around. Then there is the biggest question. Will everything fit into the van? I can't wait until tomorrow when we get on the road.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All you need is love

The gala last night was a lot of fun. I didn't really want to go because of this week's craziness but I'm very glad that I did. It was 60s inspired and lots of people came dressed in tie dye and big wigs. The room decorations were fabulous!! The only thing we came home with was a gift card to Best Buy. You can never go wrong with that. We did bid on a Vegas Golf Trip in the live auction but a friend warned us before it started that he was getting it. It got to the point where we stepped back. It was for charity but he wasn't quitting. 

We really need some pretty pictures today because of this not very nice weather. I'm not sure what month it is. I came to work with a turtle neck on. Lynn just looked out the window and yelled that it is snowing. UGH!!
Cathy's Log Cabin Afghan. I showed this last year but the sand and sun and cottage made me smile. I hope it brightens your day too.

Cathy used 25 balls of Noro Kureyon - all different colours. For the border she used 5 skeins of Cascade 220.

Today we are going to finish packing for the Frolic.
What are we taking???
-merino light
-new twist light (the sock yarn with nylon)
Mrs. Crosby
-Hat Box
-Train Case
-Carpet Bag
Classic Elite
-Come Together kits
-super bulky
Zen Yarn Garden
-Serenity Glitter Sock

Did you know that the K-W Knitters' Guild is running a bus to the Toronto Knitters' Frolic this Saturday? It is now open to all community members, so we hope you will join us for the fun! 
The bus leaves from behind Waterloo Town Square (Caroline and Alexandra) at 7:30am, and makes a stop around 8:15am at the carpool lot at Hwy 6 and the 401. We plan to arrive in time for the first workshops. The bus will return after the last workshop of the day is over, about 5pm. 
The cost is $10, payable by cash at the bus. This does not include your Frolic entry fee. To reserve your spot or for more information, email info @
Survivor tonight. Hockey tonight. Baseball tonight. I hope there is some knitting tonight.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Summer Kerchief

Bella Lino is a lightweight yarn that creates an airy fabric with long, harmonious stripes. The palette of summery shades each have a linen-hued base. 
This cowl is a great summer accessory for when you want to wear something knitted, but it is just too hot! It looks like a kerchief, but because of the round construction, you won’t spend extra time adjusting it, or taking it off and on because it adds too many layers.
A summer kerchief from today's Classic Elite Web-Letter. Download the pattern...
I'm early with today's post because Beth and I are rushing to Woodbridge after work.
A silent auction and live auction. That can get dangerous.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yummy Colours

The Fleece Artist Soft Mitt kits arrived this morning. The dyers at Fleece Artist do an amazing job with their colour combinations.
The first clue is finished and now I'm onto 2A. It's kind of addicting. So much that tonight's post is going to be short because I really want to/need to knit.