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Monday, February 20, 2017

Stashbust Time

Happy Family Day! My morning has been spent adding to the website. Rockshelter Sock is on the website - you to see all the awesome colours that are coming. Rainbows in the Gorge kits are on the website as well.

Now it's time to knit for the afternoon.
I finished Clue #2 of my Ambah MKAL yesterday afternoon. I'm ready for the next clue when it comes out on Friday.

Then I moved onto Find Your Fade.

This is going to be fun!!

Stephen West has a new Mystery KAL starting in March. This one is a bit different - it's about using up your stashed yarn.
Each week starting March 3, you will receive a section of the mystery shawl pattern until the final design is revealed on March 24. Get a group of your knitting friends together and enjoy this brand new Westknits adventure!
Join on Ravelry...
I'm including some pictures from Stephen. This might give you some ideas for yarn groupings when you go through your stash.
Sizes: Medium & Large.
You don’t need to decide a size now. Sizing information and options will be revealed towards the end of the KAL. If you love big shawls that venture into shlanket (shawl + blanket) territory, then there will be a large size for you. If you like a more “standard” shawl size, then there will be an abbreviated Medium option for you. The overall shape and dimensions are part of the mystery.

Yarn: Fingering weight held double. Lace weight mohair yarns are also recommended to add some texture.

Recommended Yarn: Stash bust! Use all kinds of fingering weight & sock yarns from your stash. I recommend using several speckled colors for a fun painterly look.

Yardage: 700-800g & 7-10 colors minimum. These are minimum suggestions for you to work with, but I always encourage you to have more colors and amounts ready to knit. More options = more color/contrast variety!

This shawl is designed to use several colors from your yarn stash. Gather a big pile of yarns to work with for your palette. Gather more yarn from your stash than you think you may need because you can always edit your yarn selection later. It’s best to have a broad range of colors and yardage amounts so you have more options to choose from while you knit each section.

I took this from Stephen's Instagram. What a great hint to see how the colours play.

There's a new video. Stephen is very entertaining :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Rockshelter Sock

There is a new fingering weight yarn on the way from Meadowcroft Dyeworks (it should be in the store late Wednesday afternoon).

Meet Rockshelter Sock. There are 37 colours coming - 116 skeins in all. They aren't on the website yet - that is my job for Monday. Speaking of Monday, don't forget that it's Family Day in Ontario and we are closed.

Old Lace
Belltower Vespers
Harold's Crayon
Broiled Lobster
Cranberry Bog
Chris-Craft at Dusk
Chilly and Cold River Jordan

Fingering weight
100% merino (superwash)
100g / 3.5oz
366m / 400 yds

Meadowcroft Dyeworks is run by a father and son team. Dave, the father, knit this Find your Fade with Rockshelter Sock.

I can't wait to open the boxes and start playing.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Can you believe the weather? I went to work today without a coat. It's amazing.

So I'm working away on my Ambah MKAL and started to wonder why I haven't received the next clue. No one seems too worried that it didn't come out yesterday. Then I looked at her page on Ravelry. It isn't coming out until the 24th. She gave us an extra week of knitting time. Thanks Ambah - now I can be ready.

I decided to show mine so far. If you're working on the shawl then you have the pattern and know what this section is going to look like. If you aren't working on the shawl then maybe my pictures will help you decide to join.
I have 18 rows to go and then I'll be ready for the next clue.

Next week is going to be crazy. There are many shipments coming.
-Frabjous Fibers
-Classic Elite
-a company that is new to us - I will reveal this in the next few days - we'll be the only store in Canada carrying this yarn

We have new colours of Studio Linen from Erika Knight.
We have collaborated with London based Shibori designer Rob Jones who has created bespoke backdrops and bags for us, and inspired our new colours.

Rob says “Shibori is a slow craft, often with many hours of stitching, binding, clamping and pole-dyeing followed by more hours at the indigo vat or mordanting, dyeing and over-dyeing fabric”. Rob’s creations demonstrate his love of fabric and the time spent to produce something original and lovingly handmade, with care and thought put into it.

Like knitting and crochet, Shibori represents slow crafting, tradition and modernity combined and Rob shares with us “a desire to bring something beautiful and different into the world.”
Linen is an ancient, sustainable, natural fibre spun from the flax plant. Flax itself is naturally resistant to pests and therefore practically no pesticides nor herbicides are necessary to grow these eco-friendly stem fibre plants. Flax plants produce large amounts of usable fibre per acre and do not require irrigation.

Linen is durable, soft, lustrous and flexible and will naturally soften with wear and washing.

Studio linen is made from 100% linen.

Cool to the touch, and with a delicate drape Studio Linen is the perfect yarn for summer. With a refined palette of eight essential colours that will work with everything you wear and a clear stitch definition, Studio Linen crafts beautiful garments both in knit and crochet.
408 Kanoko
409 Pyjama
410 Pigment
411 Kumo

Wannietta knit this amazing cardigan and raved about how nice it was to work with the Linen. There will be new patterns coming in a few weeks.

We have many great colours in stock.

The Leafs are on and I'm getting back to my knitting. Maybe I can get a few more rows knit tonight.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainbows in the Gorge

The pattern is finished. It is called Rainbows in the Gorge and the designer is Sarah Keller. It won't be available to purchase on Ravelry until next weekend. But I've worked out a deal to get advance copies. If you purchase the yarn we can sell you the pattern.

The cardigan is pictured in a So Fond of Rainbows kit. We are out of this colourway but it will be back in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

We have one of the Enchanted Woodland kit in stock right now. This is the colourway that Lynda is knitting. More of these will be in the shipment as well.
Order the yarn and pattern and we will hold for you to pick up or ship to you later this week when the kits arrive. There will be free shipping on the kit.

You need 20 Cheshire Cat mini skeins for the cardigan. From Sarah
Arrange your 20 rainbow colors in the order of your choosing; sweater is worked from cuff to cuff, from C1 at cuff to C16 at center back, then in reverse from C16 back to C1 at opposite cuff. C17-20 are used in the shawl collar. Cut each yarn after changing color.
I have thought of something different if you aren't fond of these colours. Use 2 mini skein kits (2 of each colour).

You can fade light grey to dark grey and then dark brown to light brown. This gives you 10 colours. Then you will start again at light grey and work to dark grey and then use the dark brown. That is your 16 colours. Your shawl collar will be 4 shades of brown. This is just one suggestion - I can come up with many more ways to combine these kits.

Or you can do something a bit more daring. Take 4 different kits and combine them. Here are 2 different options I came up with this afternoon. I didn't open the kits for fear of getting them back in the wrong package. Imagine throwing the skeins on the table and rearranging them. I think both of these combinations would make a great cardigan.

Lynn tried the Linen Stitch Scarf on this morning and never took it off. It looks grey with her Remy Poncho.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Colour Me Happy

We have a new Linen Stitch Scarf in the store. Lynda knit this for us and it looks amazing.
You need the pattern from Churchmouse Yarns (available on Ravelry or in the store) and then we did a few modifications.
-cast on 550 stitches
-work one row of each colour - that way you don't need to cut the yarn

Yarn: Malabrigo Mechita - one skein each of Sheri, English Rose and Musas

We had some left over yarn. You can make the scarf longer or wider if you choose. You can also use the leftovers to make a fringe.

Lynda is working away on the cardigan using the So Fond of Rainbows set. I can't wait to see it finished.
Ms. UPS brought in an awesome box from Mrs. Crosby today. The new colours are so much better in person!
I mixed some Mrs. Crosby Train Case and Lorna's Laces Solemate to make up Find Your Fade combinations.

There hasn't been much knitting this week. I'm going to sit and work on my Ambah MKAL tonight. No paperwork. No phone calls. No Ravelry. Only knitting. I'm almost finished Clue 2 and Clue 3 should be coming out tonight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Mrs. Crosby has been busy. Her new colours are amazing!! We will have them in the store late tomorrow afternoon.
I've heard rumour that the colours are named after men from her past. I will try and pin her down on this the next time she is in town.

We received a shipment today from Loopy Mango. We needed 35mm needles and to top up our Big Loop. In the box was a hat kit for the Food Drive Prize Basket. The kit includes one ball of yarn, the pattern and the needles all packed in a cute box. I was given a sample ball at TNNA that is the same colour and same lot. I'm adding it too - now a pompom can be added to the hat.
I tried finding a picture of the kit on line and came across this Nantucket Throw picture. Now I want this colour. The next order :)

Imagine a weekend away with someone cooking your meals and making your bed. Oh yeah, you also get to knit all weekend!!

Today I worked on the Camp brochure and it should be ready this weekend. The workshop on Friday is going to be amazing. I want to take it.

Take a look at the Camp blog...

I'm at the point on Ambah's MKAL that I need a longer cord on my needle. No problem. I have interchangeable Addi tips and cords at home. Not a problem until you start looking. I have one 3.75mm tip. How is that possible? I'll continue tonight and get new tips tomorrow. It was a lot easier when I lived above the store :)