Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sewing in Ends

A whole new craziness is underway in the store. Unpacking boxes and repacking for the Frolic.
Ms. UPS brought us a box from Namaste yesterday afternoon and we have new Oh Snap pouches. You won't lose these. 
Features: mesh bag allows you to easily see your project, which is especially useful if you have multiple projects snap opening provides a snag-free environment and the lightweight construction lends itself to keeping in your handbag (so you can find Knitting Nirvana wherever you are). 
Note: not just amazing knitting bags, these also make incredible travel, cosmetic, spare change, and beach bags. 
S: 4"H x 6"W x 1.5"D
M: 6.5"H x 9"W x 2"D
L: 8"H x 10"W x 2"D 

S: fits notions 
M: fits up to two 100g sock hanks 
L: fits up to three 100g sock hank 
XL: 10.5"H x 14"W x 2"D
XXL: 13.5"H x 16.5"W x 2"D 

XL: fits up to five 100g sock hanks 
XXL: fits up to twelve 100g sock hanks

We had a small assembly line going to make kits for The Nightshift.
We made kits for the colours that Andrea Mowry used and then we made a few kits with other colours. I looked on Ravelry for projects that I liked. 

I'm heading to Myrtle Beach for a few days in May. I think one of these kits will be coming with me.

I just cast off the second band on my Throwback. Now it's time to sew in the ends.😒

I did a few during the end of the Leaf game. It wasn't a good game. The Vegas game is on now so I only have a few minutes to write.

I am supposed to reblock the Throwback but it won't be dry in time. It's lying out with a wet towel on the front bands. I'm going to take it off soon and let it dry. I should be able to sew the sleeve seams tomorrow evening.

I bought a new cash register for the Frolic. The old cash register has been going to shows for 15 years. It has been dropped more than once. Many more times than that. It was beat up and tired. I had to program it every show. If someone unplugged it by mistake we lost all the data. I would have to take readings every hour to make sure we didn't lose any information. Not any more. There is battery back up. And it looks a lot more professional - our receipts have our store name and phone number.

This time I'm keep the box - my dad can be a bit of a bull in a china shop.

The first period is finished and it's time for bed. We have a long week ahead of us.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Thank You UPS

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. I had every intention to write last night but I was so tired that I was in bed by 9:30. I couldn't even watch the Golden Knights play.
Our latest order from Atenti cleared customs late Thursday evening. We should have it in the store tomorrow afternoon - just in time for the Frolic. We will have three new colourways of the Backsac.

I spent some time in the store because I knew that boxes were coming from UPS. I have to give huge props to UPS today. When UPS knows that a business is closed on a certain day they don't try to deliver. I didn't know that. I was sitting in the store patiently waiting and no big brown truck. I finally called the depot in Brantford (you don't get anywhere with the 800 number) and they explained to me that I would be getting my boxes tomorrow. The amazing Holly called the driver and the driver deviated from her route to bring me my boxes. Lots of boxes. Thank you UPS. We could have waited until tomorrow afternoon but now Lynn and I can start on kits in the morning.

One of the boxes was full of Rockshelter Sock.

I used Rockshelter Sock for my second Find Your Fade. I love this yarn. It is slightly thicker than a fingering weight like Hedgehog Sock. Just slightly so you can use it for the same patterns.

Box two was from Spincycle. Now we can make up kits for the Nightshift for the Frolic. There are a few colours of Dyed in the Wool and Dream State that I added to the website. I also put a few Nightshift kits on the website for those who can't make it to the Frolic.

Lynn and I are going to be running tomorrow. We left the store in a bit of mess on Saturday afternoon. We were both tired and decided to leave everything until we opened again. I looked the other way and did paperwork while I was waiting for UPS.

Our house is back in order. Here are a few pictures from our gathering.
We set the room up for TV viewing. Rows of chairs - we had 25 people in the house watching the game.

When the game was finished we pushed the couch against the TV and set up tables. The great thing about an open concept house is that everyone is together when we eat.
Lucy was amazing. This was before everyone arrived. When the noise started she found a quiet corner.

It is a beautiful day and someone came out to play. He's been in the garage all winter and was happy to be in the sun.

My garden is loving the warm weather too.
It's time to get dinner in the oven and then I need to finish my Throwback. I hope to get the second band cast off tonight. Okay, I need to get it picked up first. There was no knitting on Saturday or Sunday. Once the band is finished I need to sew the seams on the sleeves and then start on my ends. I have a feeling that Lynn might be sewing in ends on Friday evening.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

That's a wrap on LYS Day

Thanks to all who visited for LYS Day. To say it was crazy is an understatement. Our parking lot was full for most of the day. If I didn't get to say HI I am sorry. Poor Alex stood in the corner for a while to try and get out of the way.
We spread Hue Loco across the front table. Picking a colour was hard. All 29 are awesome!
Lynn and I did a quick inventory and the website has been updated. The inventory will be divided and a few skeins of each colour will be in the store this week and the rest will be going to the Frolic next Saturday.

We have a few skeins left of the special LYS Day colours. They will be available in the store next week.
Cupcakes in Westdale made us a beautiful box of cupcakes. Yummy!!! These will not be available in the store next week.😘Any leftover cupcakes will be part of our dessert tomorrow evening. We've had to change the time of dinner. Our family watches TV (sporting events) while eating but the Leafs are playing tomorrow afternoon and we will be hosting a house full of Leaf fans. We have decided to wait until 6pm when the game should be finished.
Thank you to our friends at Soak who sent a door prize. When the store was at it's fullest we did a draw and a happy customer walked away with a lot of Soak goodies.

7:30 might be a little early to go to bed so I'm going to have a long soak in my tub. Then I'll be ready for bed. Church in the morning and then getting ready for the gang.

Friday, April 19, 2019

What a beautiful shawl

Stole Bohemia is a new pattern from Svetlana Gordon. Svetlana's work is amazing. Take a look at her other patterns on Ravelry. I am yet to knit one of her designs but I will some day.
This project looks harder than it is. Motif is very easy to remember. But assembling will require you to pay attention and follow the instructions precisely. The pattern makes it easy to resize the fabric. It is a given that you are familiar with the abbreviations below and know the pick up method.  
This stole is knitted seamlessly in one piece.
Photos ©Svetlana Gordon.

It's a short post today - I'm tired and ready for bed. We were up early to have breakfast with dad before church. After church I washed floors - our main floor is all tile that looks like hardwood. Then I vacuumed the carpet upstairs. We're having 30 for dinner on Sunday. When my chores were finished I picked up the first front band on my Throwback. I'm happy to say that it is cast off and I'll pick up the second band tomorrow night.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Magical Thinking

I totally forgot to share the last 5 colours that Hedgehog has introduced for spring. Let me introduce
Cool faded green, soft and fresh. 
Warm dusky pinks and browns, with a hint of blue. 
Pale gray, with green, purple and brown speckles. 
Antique gold with a green undertone. 
Light tonal blues, with lots of subtle speckles. Clean and pretty.
There are 3 discontinued colours
Hula Hoop

We are ready for LYS Day. I think.

I borrowed this from Casapinka' Instagram feed. If you purchase the yarn on Saturday April 20 (our LYS Day) we will take your name and email address. We will email you your code as soon as we receive them.
Here is a sneak peek of “Magical Thinking,” a new pattern that will be FREE at participating yarn stores when you buy yarn to make it on April 27 and 28 for @tnnaorgLYS Day. There is a list of LYS’s in my Ravelry group that are participating in this giveaway The pattern requires 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn for both sizes (which fits everyone) and is a “pullover shawl” - not a poncho! It is the shape of my design “All Points South” - more details next week! “Magical Thinking” will be available for sale on Ravelry the week after LYS Day. This is a good pattern for beginners as the stitches are simple, the knitting goes quickly, and the yarn does all of the work!

My Throwback is blocked and I am ready to pick up the front bands. We watched The Amazing Race tonight and that isn't the best show for picking up stitches. You need to watch not just listen. I'll pick up tomorrow afternoon. It will be a good break from cleaning the house.

Susan called yesterday and Cathy texted me today with a question about the blog. When they are opening the blog on their phone (or iPad) it says that the site is not secure? It wasn't coming up on my iPad but I did find this article about it.
It was still bothering me so I did a bit more checking. Above is a screen shot if I typed in areallygoodyarn.blogspot.ca
This is what came up when I typed in areallygoodyarn.blogspot.com. It's weird (one is secure and one isn't) but according to the article it isn't anything to be worried about. You aren't entering any personal information. I get the Not Secure when I look at ESPN.com as well.

Now it's time for bed. The next week and a bit are going to be very busy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


What a beautiful day. Lynn and I went outside for some pictures. Lynda just finished a new store sample.

This is The Weekender (pattern purchased on Ravelry). Sarah and Lynn have both knit this for themselves and love their sweaters.
This drop shoulder sweater is my most favorite addition to my handmade wardrobe! When Brooklyn Tweed came out with their line of marls for Shelter, I knew I needed a marled sweater. I combined my favorite attributes - texture, faux seams, drop shoulder, and some positive ease to create this versatile, flattering sweater! No matter your body type, it is perfect for wearing to the office or out on your weekend hike in the woods. I’ve already knit a second version, leaving off the sleeves so I can wear it in warmer weather or layered over a long sleeve tee!
We used Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash from Universal Yarns. Lynda made the second size and used 4 balls.

Lynn's Throwback is finished. She used Woolstok and it looks great!

Hue Loco has arrived and we have started to hang the skeins for Saturday. WOW. The colours are gorgeous.

So far we have 15 of 29 colours out.
We will start selling it in the store on Saturday morning. I will try and get the yarn on the website Saturday evening.

I was up way too late watching hockey last night. It's time for bed!