Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great day. We had family over for a barbecue this afternoon. It was a small group this time - just 18 people. There were a lot of laughs and the house was very noisy.

I'm onto the second square. I love how the colours are coming out.

It's been a long day and my bed is calling. I'm golfing in the morning so I need my sleep. Then I need to start getting ready for my trip to Cleveland on Thursday.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Startitis Bug Hit Me

You can only look at a ball of yarn for so long before you have to knit with it.
This is one of the new colours of Noro Ito - #15. I thought about another Nightshift and then decided to try the Log Cabin Afghan in Ito. I am using a 5.5mm needle so my squares should be a bit bigger than the Kureyon version. I will be using #15 for the whole afghan. I don't know if I will get this square finished and the next one started tomorrow because we are hosting Father's Day dinner. This is an easy one - we are barbecuing.
I am off to TNNA in Cleveland later this week and I know I will be buying yarn 😘. We are getting the store ready which means making room on the shelves. We have gone through Tosh Vintage and odd balls are on sale for 30% off. I have made a separate page on the website for these colours.

We used 3 skeins of Tosh Vintage for the Hipster Shawl.

Laura Aylor's Atalaya is a great pattern for Vintage.

In Threes is so cute and takes 1-2 skeins.

I think the only people happy with the rain is my garden.

This dog is made for comfort.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Old Vine

This is Old Vine (pattern purchased on Ravelry) from Knox Mountain Knit Co.
Knox Mountain Knit Co. is Sasha and Willow, a design team from Kelowna, BC. Their fresh designs reflect their passion for knitting and are inspired by the gorgeous landscapes of the Okanagan Valley.
Yes, the same Knox Mountain that we get our Shawl Cuffs from.
Located in the Interior of British Columbia, with wine production dating back to the 1850s, the Okanagan Valley is one of Canada’s oldest and largest wine regions. Today, the Okanagan Valley has been well established as one of the world’s best grape-growing regions, boasting over 200 vineyards and producing over 60 varietals. 
Old Vine is a top-down, one skein shawl designed for that extra special skein of fingering everyone has in their stash. To maximize yardage, the border can be knit until you have just enough left for bind-off!
What a great one skein shawl.

Donegal Cottage Tweeds left the US today and we should see them on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't wait!!

Spincycle should be arriving next week as well.

Dream State
Stay Ready
Heart Sigh

Dyed in the Wool



Stay Ready

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Almost Finished

Lucy was mostly an angel when we were together this morning. There was a bit of whining and crying but then she'd lie back down and sleep. I am the third most important person in her life. She isn't used to staying with me. Most of her day is spent with dad or Beth.

A few days ago I talked about the Casapinka MKAL. Here are some colour combinations from SweetGeorgia.

The kits are available online so that you can preorder.

I'm still undecided which two kits I am going to pick. Of course I'm going to participate in the MKAL. Playing with twelve different colours is right up my alley.

I made it to the fourth colour. It should be finished before Wednesday when Alex is back in the store. I will ask her very nicely if she will block it for me. I'll give her the new flexible blocking wires to try and she can take pictures and let us know how she likes them.

Dad called at 5:30 this morning that he was turning onto our street with Lucy. I got another hour or so of sleep before Beth had to leave and then I was up all day. I am exhausted. Beth and I watched the hockey game last night. I love watching the winning team getting the Stanley Cup. Yes, it's 10:30 and I'm still up. We couldn't miss the basketball game. I am going to be dragging tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Amazing Projects

Mr. Canada Post delivered a box from Lynda this morning. One project I can share. The other is a Rowan sweater for fall and I have to wait a few weeks before I can show you.
We went out to the garden for pictures. I was yelling at Lynn to be careful where she walked because new plants are starting to come up.

This is the Geology shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) knit with one Blossom. We used the colour Chrysanthemum.
Geology is the fourth shawl in my Elements shawl collection. Layers of knitted strata in different stitch patterns, this shawl will keep you interested the whole way through. The bottom-most pattern photo is the schematic with measurements. 
Like all other patterns in the collection, this pattern includes both written and charted instructions, and the pattern can be purchased individually or as part of the four-shawl collection.

Doreen came in with her Imagine When. She is about to start the last wedge. The yarn is Hedgehog Skinny Singles in the new colour Dune. It is so beautiful. More skeins are on the way from Ireland.
Caroline was in today wearing her Find Your Fade. It is stunning.
Caroline used Hedgehog Skinny Singles and this is the colourway that Andrea used for her pattern picture. Now I want one in this colourway.

A new Allium is ready to explode. I can't wait - we have three of these in the garden.
When you are wearing a cream shirt at work and spill a full tea down the front of yourself you take out a bucket of water, add some Soak (pineapple) and soak the blouse until you go home.

Beth thinks that I should have extra shirts (yes, more than one) in the store for days like this.
Someone is very stubborn. Lucy was supposed to go back to doggie day care today. Dad took her at 7 this morning and Lucy went through the gate no problem. Then she realized what was happening and sat down. There was no moving her. The lady who looks after the dogs put a leash on her and both she and dad were pulling Lucy. No go. Someone opened the gate to bring in their dog and Lucy bolted. She sat down beside the truck and when dad opened the door she jumped in. I will be on Lucy duty tomorrow morning. Dad is pouring concrete in Grimsby so Lucy can't go to work tomorrow. Normally Beth would take Lucy but she has job meetings. I'll stay home until noon when Beth is finished. Yay - knitting time!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Shawl Cuffs

We have more Shawl Cuffs in stock. This batch is totally different than our first one. I have most of them on the website and more will be added tomorrow.

From Knox Mountain
Our Original Shawl Cuffs are upcycled, eco-friendly and unique! With just one sturdy snap, you can snap and go! And the best part? They won’t snag your beautiful knits! 
This pattern is called Kasugai and you can purchase it on Ravelry.

Later in the day Mr. Fedex brought in a box of Noro Ito. I am in love with the new colours.
I was putting together colours for Slow Curves for a customer this afternoon and fell upon this combination.

Adelaide Glacier
Adelaide Smoking Gun
Qing Dirt (you will need 2 skeins of this colour)
Adelaide Batty

Both yarns are on sale (20% off) until June 15. Use the code 'too much yarn'.

I received an email this morning from SweetGeorgia Yarns about an upcoming MKAL. They are dying kits and I have ordered them. We should see them by the beginning of July.
The Perfect Blend MKAL will begin July 8! The first pre-clue is available here and is a schematic for color planning. Perfect Blend is a collaboration with Miss Babs and me but open to all dyers. It is about community and sharing our love of knitting (and tea!) Please read all of the information, below. 
1. The Theme is - TEA! If you want to be eligible for prizes, you just need to go into the “Sign-up thread” when it is posted on June 15 and add your name and perhaps show us what you are using. There is a color thread open here so feel free to start some chat.
2. The MKAL begins on July 8 when the first clue drops. Have your tea or favorite beverage at the ready! Each Clue will drop on Monday morning for six weeks. I chose Monday because I will be traveling overseas and these are the best days for me to ensure that I can be online and not on a plane.
3. The Yarn: 12 mini-skeins, boomerang shaped shawl, design is written for 80 and 100 yard (or more) minis. They should be numbered 1-12 by you when you get them. If you line them up together and love them, they will be awesome in your shawl. BUT - Colors 1-6 are not nearly as visible as Colors 7-12…so if you like 1-6 best, you might just turn your set around so they will be displayed more prominently. Also, occasional variegated skeins are fine but you might lose some of the pattern if you use too many. Speckles and tonal are both excellent options.
I’ve also added another option for 4 full skeins of sock yarn. There is a schematic for both the 12 minis and the 4 full skeins that follows is available as a pre-clue when you purchase the pattern.
4. Simpson & Vail is making a special tea blend for us and it is SO GOOD. Stay tuned for more on that and on special project bags and markers that Miss Babs will have! The first pre-clue consists of a schematic (that does NOT look like the MKAL design but you can use it to color in sections to see how you like the colors together)…and I think it will give you a very good idea if you will like the combination. There will be another pre-clue later this month.
5. Size: The finished shawl with the 100 yard mini skeins is nicely sized (not huge but lovely!) and the 80 yard one is still in testing. Finally, Pleeeeese do not try to con information about the design out of me. I always get “I won’t tell anyone but I need to pack skeins for vacation/plan my colors/make sure it matches my hamster’s complexion” etc. Bring all 12 minis if you’re going, know what suits your hamster’s complexion, and I won’t be sharing photos to anyone ahead of time! It’s a MYSTERY so go with it!
6. Skill Level: Advanced beginner. You can yo, k2tog, M1, slip, etc. Also, the group is an amazing one and will help you if you have questions or are unsure about something. It will be a collective MKAL!

Each set contains six 105-yards mini skeins for a total of 630 yds / 576 m
Nine colourways are coming and each set of 6 skeins will retail for $66. I will add these to the website in the next few days.

I'll share more combinations from SweetGeorgia tomorrow.

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