Thursday, April 22, 2021

Almost finished

There aren’t many rows left on my Pressed Flowers. I’ll be sad when it’s finished but there could be another one soon. 

Today’s post is all over the place. I woke up this morning with a migraine and took one of my very powerful migraine pills. The headache is gone but I walk through a haze the rest of the day. I could move things around but....
This is one of my Passeggiata Wraps (pattern purchased on Ravelry) that is knit with a Freia Minikin Palette Pack. This kit is Neutral Zone.

The shawl is absolutely stunning.
The shawl is knit with 9 Minikins. If you don’t want to knit a kit you can put together your own colourway - more on that further down my post.
And here it is knit with the Jewels kit.

I was in the store for about 15 minutes today - just long enough to look at the Freia. Here are some Minikins

Chaparral (a brand new colour)
Coral Reef

I put together 9 Minikins for a Passeggiata Wrap. 
Across the top - Chaparral, Nautilus, fossil
Second row - Pt. Reyes, Oyster, Sulfur Springs
Bottom row - Whisper, Vintage, Sandbar

Tomorrow I will try and put together something bright. It’s hard to compete with the Jewels kit but I’m going to try.

Photo © Rosemary (Romi) Hill
The yarn for Romi’s Leaves in a Stream was in the box.
Shawl Balls - Cloud and Coral Reef 
This is another possibility - Squid Ink and Lipstick.

Our baby girl is good except that she tore her other ACL last week. She has been limping but she’s still eating so we know she’s okay. Getting an appointment to see the surgeon has been hard. Because of her size she can only go to a few clinics. The first appointment we could get was in June. Yesterday morning she wouldn’t walk at all. Our vet gave her pain meds and she was better last night - walking a bit. After a lot of phone calls we got her into Mississauga this morning. They were ready to do surgery but had to cancel because of 3 emergency surgeries. Now we’re on the waiting list. We must be patient.

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