Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Ambah O'Brien has a new shawl pattern. It actually came out a few weeks ago and I missed it.

Pattern: Pippu (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: A fingering weight and a lace weight yarn
Drape your shoulders with gentle ripples and lace reminiscent of a Zen garden, its walkways trimmed with mosses. Inspired by a recent trip to Japan, this bias-knit shawl is perfect for the softest yarns in your favorite soothing colors. The gorgeous yarn used in the sample was naturally dyed using avocado pips, so I named it Pippu, the Japanese word for pip. Start with easy stripes, alternating a fingering weight with a single strand of lace weight yarn. A simple, straight-forward lace section is then worked with the lace weight doubled, giving the asymmetrical triangle a floaty finish.

I have some exciting news. Our next shipment from Hedgehog should be arriving mid-February and we have Kidsilk Lace coming. 12 colours in this shipment and more in the next shipment.
70% Kid Mohair, 30% Silk lace weight yarn. Glowing pure silk core wrapped in soft fuzzy mohair halo, the ultimate lace yarn. Use as carry-along yarn to add fuzziness to everything from scarves to sweaters or held double for extra fuzzy accessories. 

Going away spurs me to get things organized in the store. The price book has been updated. We've walked through the store to make sure all yarns and samples have labels. We might have missed something but I think we did a good job. A newsletter has been sent. Here is the link to it.

I also need to organize things at home. I had a dentist appointment this morning - just a cleaning - nothing bad. Tonight I visited Trish to have my hair done. Both my parents were grey in their early 20s. They passed it along to Beth and I. Laundry. There has been a bit of accounting and when I'm finished with my post I'm going to knit a few rows.

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