Thursday, November 03, 2016

Car Ride

What a game last night. When the Cubs were winning I thought about going to bed but Beth talked me out of it. Thank you Beth. When you stay up late watching baseball you can get a lot of knitting done. Outline has been my project for the past few nights because I have the pattern memorized.

Mr. Canada Post brought in a huge box of yarn from Classic Elite this morning. We have lots of Chalet.
Chainette yarns are well-deserving of their popularity...the construction simultaneously provides strength and lightness. Add a luxury fiber blend of baby alpaca and bamboo to that inherent lightness and you have Chalet, a decadently soft yarn with a lovely drape in a chunky weight from our MountainTop Collection of yarns spun from natural, undyed fibers. Chateau is Chalet's colorful cousin, available in saturated, vibrant colors.
Chalet is super light and knit up great in the Remy Poncho (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Poncho or sweater? Swoncho? Whatever you like to call it, it’s a great transition piece for fall when a coat is too much and a sweatshirt just doesn’t measure up! Great for indoors as well. This piece is a snap to knit and easy to throw on and look pulled together.

Another great project for Chalet (and it's cousin Chateau) is the Coors Cowl.
You need 5 skeins of Chalet and/or Chateau. The pattern is a free download..

Mom and dad decided to introduce Lucy to the convertible this morning.

Usually it’s mom that does damage to dad’s credit card. Lucy took it to another level!


Anne said...

How come I can hear Ricky Richard....."L u c y!"


Sally said...

Lucy's face says:"What!!??? YOU left it where I could get it! ! ! ! ! ! "