Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Classic Elite's weekly Web-Letter just arrived. They are combining Santorini and Bella Lino (two yarns that I really like working with) for a Summer Sleeveless Turtleneck (download the free pattern)
Two strands held together make the knitting of this top, worked from the top down in one piece, extra quick. Short rows are worked to shape the neck. Santorini and Bella Lino, both multicolored, blend and mingle adding texture and depth of color.
The top is knit on 5.5mm needles which makes it a quick knit.

I'm working away on my shawl and hit a small issue. I thought that I did something wrong on Saturday and it turns out that I did. For the lace row I'm supposed to start with K2 but then the lace doesn't work at the vein. I am now doing K3. I have the correct number of stitches. The vein is looking good. Sometimes you need to improvise because ripping back doesn't sound like a good idea.

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