Monday, June 27, 2016


I first showed this shawl last fall and came across it again today.
Pattern: Blackbird Shawl (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Fingering weight
Get out those mini skeins! The Blackbird shawl features easy shaping and a simple feather and fan lace pattern at the bottom edge. Use a vivid set of mini skeins to create contrasting bands of color. As subtle and elegant as a raven’s wing, Blackbird is a pleasure to knit and to wear.

You’ll need about 415 yds of the Main Color, and about 55 yds of each of the 5 Contrasting Colors.
A great shawl to play with mini skeins. And as you know I'm a bit addicted to them right now. Here is a link to all the kits that we have in stock...

For the main colour there are many, many options
-tosh merino light
-tosh sock
-Tough Love Sock from Sweetgeorgia
-Cheshire Cat from Frabjous Fibers

I had a visitor for a while this morning.
She cried a bit when she got here because her mom and dad left her. We had snuggles (she's very good at them) and then she had a nap on the couch. 

Her nap was short because she is very nosy. She wants to know what is going on so every time she hears a noise she lifts her head.

She had her first visit to the vets tonight. On Thursday the vet visited the breeder and Lucy was 13 lbs. She is just over 8 weeks and now weighs 18 lbs.

We totally forgot about Big Brother last night so it's time to watch and knit. My shawl is growing. I'm about half way through the lace section - pictures tomorrow from the store.


Candice said...

Look at those pink foot pads! Does she still have puppy breath? Love puppy breath . . .

Julie said...

Hi Candice - yes she has puppy breath :) And she loves to give kisses.