Sunday, July 13, 2014

New plants

There was more landscaping done yesterday.

These pictures are at the back of the property, bordering on the parking lot.

This is the garden on the side of the house. It was an overgrown mess. Later this week it will have pretty plants too.

After work last night Beth and I took a road trip to Niagara Falls. The new outlet mall is very nice. Yes, there is an UGG store and I did a bit of damage. Some boots (on super sale and they are purple so I had to buy them) and a pair of slippers. Many times I have a hard time at outlet stores because I wear a size 10 shoe and an 11 boot. UGG had lots of large sizes. 

Today was a day of nothing. My biggest accomplishment was making dinner. Now I'm heading to the store to water my new friends. Big Brother is taping and I will get down to knitting when I get home.

I should have some 'knitting' on the blog. There will be some patterns available to download on the Rowan website once the new magazine is released. Here is one of them.
Big Brother, and knitting, here I come.

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