Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday in Myrtle

We're having fun. We haven't spent much time at home but when we're here there is puzzling by Beth and knitting by me.

And shopping. Beth has wanted a bike for some time and we bought one this morning. The store had her ride it around in the parking lot to make sure that everything fit her right.

We've added a basket and a bell. She is very happy. Spoky Dokies (not sure how to spell it) would have put her over the top but they didn't have them. I forgot - she bought a helmut as well.

When we got home she took it for a quick spin around our house. It was quick because the weather is very hot and humid. We're thinking about golfing later this afternoon if it doesn't rain. It's already poured once and the clouds are very dark. If not, there are chores to be done. Bank. Shopping for my mom. Lunch....

Yes, it rained. I had a nap - that's what you're supposed to do on vacation. Beth continued on her puzzle. Now we're heading out.

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