Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Christmas will be here before we know it

Before I forget-the store will be closed on Monday February 15 for Family Day.

Last week I had someone spamming my blog.  They were adding a comment to all my posts so I had to go through old posts and delete these.  Because of this there are some changes to my blog.  When you post a comment it comes to me and I have to approve it before it goes on the blog.  Unfortunately I don't get an email about this and only see your comment when I log on to do another post.  If you make a comment and don't see it for a few days don't worry-I will see it and post it.

Last night Beth went to see Avatar.  There was no way that I could sit for three hours in a movie theatre.  Do you know how many times I would have to leave and use the washroom??  Here are the dogs-very upset that their mom left them.

While Beth was gone I started sewing together my Debbie Bliss jacket.  One sleeve is in and the side and sleeve seam are done.  I will be sewing in the second sleeve once I am done my post.

Jane worked yesterday and a surprise arrived.  A box from Prism with my Christmas stocking kits.  I ordered a finished stocking as well so we would have a sample right away.  Unbelievable.  I will definitely be making a few for my house.

I opened a few kits and took a picture of the colours.  The kits include a skein of Stuff (many different hand dyed yarns tied together) and a skein of Galaxy which is a hand dyed ribbon.  There is also a package of matching beads in each kit.

The only thing not included in the kit is fabric to line it.

We received eight kits in total including two red (the sample colour).  Any colour can be ordered and we have lots of Stuff in stock for you to see the different colours available.

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