Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Ishbel has been blocked and is back in the store.

I did the small stocking stitch with the large lace to make it a bit longer.

I said a few weeks ago that I like the new feature in Blogger for adding pictures.  Today it is not cooperating with me.  I add a picture and then my words move to the wrong spot.  Come on Blogger, work with me.

There are two bright orange tennis balls in the back yard but we couldn't find them for Roko.  Beth took the shovel and started digging through the snow but no go.  Beth did find the frisbee though.

Roko isn't the brightest dog.  Once the frisbee was thrown for him he total forgot about the tennis balls.  Melo decided that he wanted to play as well.

For Roko we can throw the frisbee to the end of the yard and he will chase it.  For Melo you need to throw it right at him.  If the throw isn't perfect he won't even try to catch it.  He did catch it here and now Roko is mad because he wants it.

Skating last night was great.  On a normal night you couldn't make me watch Ice Dancing but we were glued to the TV.  Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were amazing.

Hockey tonight is going to be a nail biter.


Sally said...

Hi Julie,

I agree about the ice dancing, but last night's performance was so amazing!!!

I could watch that over and over again. They were so good.

Just a Thought said...

BEAUTIFUL shawl! I love the colors, the lace, the well everything! Care to share your yarn and pattern? Would love to make one!