Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another finished project-part 3

Here is Tempest-completed with all the ends sewn in. I am getting very good at the ends. If Sarah was going to knit it for herself she would have to do the smaller size.

Rhonda used to do all my finishing but she lives too far away to keep coming and picking up my projects. She is going to do the lining of the Lattice Bag for me though. I don't have time to pull out my sewing machine and she likes to sew. The bag handles should arrive this week and then she can get the bag finished for the Knitter's Frolic.

For some reason the Masters didn't come on TV until 4pm yesterday. Since I had time to kill I blocked Kilcar. It is amazing what a difference the blocking makes. I have a large piece of Styrofoam (you can get one at The Home Depot) and pin the sweater down. It is much easier to block before you sew (should have thought about this before I stitched up Tempest). I have a clothing steamer and just run it over the sweater. Doesn't get much easier but I usually don't do it out of laziness.

I have started to sew the collar on Kilcar-maybe it will be done tonight.

Mom and dad came home from Myrtle yesterday. They weren't happy about leaving sunny and warm for cold and snow.


Anonymous said...

Tempest is lovely!! Good work on the finishing.

Rhonda said...

Tempest looks great.

Wannietta said...

Great job Julie!aq