Tuesday, April 06, 2021

That’s my chair

It’s always a great day when the Big Brown Truck pulls up the driveway. We have more tosh merino light and vintage.

Ms. UPS also brought two boxes from Malabrigo. We have more Rasta, Sock and Rios. Here are 5 new colours of Rios

Clockwise from the top right

Holly Hock

Teal Feather


Water Green

Paris Night

Fed Ex let us down again. Maybe tomorrow. I talked to Della Q today and they are trying to track down the box. They did tell me that more Saddle Bags will be coming but they can’t give me a date. I’m going to guess June. We will bring in all the colours. 

I had to do some running around this afternoon and left Lynn in charge. I stopped for groceries in town and then stopped back at the store. I brought her an afternoon treat and this is what I found.

She was sitting in my chair knitting. 🤨

Lynn doesn’t normally knit in the store. It is an urban myth that people who work in a yarn shop get to sit and knit all day. Lynn was done for the day but has an appointment with her dentist. She was killing time in the store until it was time to go.

What is she making? What is she wearing?

She is knitting socks with Hue Loco Phyllis Sock. The pattern is called Vanilla is the New Black. Pattern purchased on Ravelry.

Featuring a Strong-style heel, this sock is worked from the top down without the need to pick up stitches. This means the finished sock is reversible. Yes, both sides are pretty enough to be shown!

Lynn is wearing Joji’s Lightweight Hipster. You can purchase the pattern on Joji’s website.

Do you remember the original Hipster Shawl pattern? 

And if you don’t, do you have a bit of time and just 1 skein of fingering weight yarn around you? I promise this is the coolest quickest and lightest shawl you’ll ever knit (and you’ll feel instantly transported to the coolest, little known coffeeshop in town)… 

Lynn used one skein of Malabrigo Sock in the colour Forteleza. 

There are thoughts of another Pressed Flowers. The Dream State is called Overshadow. The tosh vintage is Moonglow and Oak. I’m leaning towards Oak. Leaning so much I almost fell off my chair. The combination is gorgeous! 

I’m really early today. Now that my post is done and the website has been updated with the new yarn I get to knit an hour before dinner.

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