Sunday, April 25, 2021

Pressed Flowers

I cast off Pressed Flowers this afternoon. You can see that it definitely needs to be blocked. The bottom edge is a bit wavy but after it’s soaked in Soak and then laid out to dry it should be flat.

There are thoughts of another one but I put those to the back of my head and brought out my Temperance Shawl. 

I was staring at skeins of Tosh Merino Light yesterday while packing boxes and combinations kept popping into my mind. This led me to Lilli Pilli - one of my favourite Ambah O’Brien patterns. 

Photos © Ambah O’Brien

Lilli Pilli is a beautiful Australian plant whose deep magenta berries inspired the colors of this shawl. 
Worked on the bias, in three fun colors; two striped together contrasted with a third for the lace sections. Lilli Pilli is fun to knit, and works up big and cozy. There are so many ways to use color in this project ― let your stash out to play!

The shawl is knit with three colours of fingering weight yarn. The pattern can be purchased on Etsy.

Ambah writes a great pattern. They are very easy to follow. 

You can use any three of these Hedgehog colours. It was a bright sunny day which led me to these colours.
From the top
Sorry Not Sorry
From Uschitita - I was thinking the purple for the lace and the green and light colour for the stripes.
Eyes Wide Shut
Ella Elle La
Coquette - Deux, Dr. Zhivago’s Sky, Sugar Coat
Prairie Fire, Grasshopper, Jade
Saffron, Oak, Antique Lace
Elizabeth Taylor, Eleven Dark, Antler.
If you lay on the stairs you can look out the front door. 

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