Sunday, April 11, 2021

A day of knitting

Pressed Flowers is growing. I have a few more rows and then I’m onto the border pattern. You can accomplish a lot if you sit and knit all day šŸ˜˜

I am obsessed with the pattern and knitting with Dream State makes it even more addictive. You want to see how the next colour is going to look. 

From Spincycle
Because we dye the fiber before it's spun, colors meet and part ways in stunning, unique combinations. 

Beth’s scarf is growing. She is in love with Dyed in the Wool. She asked me to write a letter to Spincycle asking when the brand new colours will be available. Hopefully soon because her scarf will be done and she will want to start another.

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Anonymous said...

Beth, your scarf is really nice -love the colors.