Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Start

Boscoe was made for comfort - inside and outside. He loves sitting outside and having the wind blow through his hair.
Photos © Stephen West

I played with colours for Stephen West’s new Botanic Shawl. I knew that I was going to make it but what colour??

Above is Crazy Zauberball 2404 and below is 2389. The colours of Tough Love Sock are Lollipop, Pistachio and Glacier.

This is Crazy Zauberball 2136.
I paired Crazy 2092 with Slate and Blood Orange.

This is 1537 with Blood Orange.
And 1660 with Swampwater. There are so many possibilities that it was hard to choose.
Then I played with Dyed in the Wool. We have a winner. I started last night and I will say that the pattern is totally mindless. A beginner could definitely make this shawl. The only thing that might confuse a new knitter is how to start. Stephen loves an I-Cord edging and this stumped me for a minute. When I am at work tomorrow I will use some thick yarn and take pictures to show how to start the shawl.
I’d like to knit more rows but I have a lot of parcels to get out in the morning. It’s time for bed.

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