Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Wall of Yarn

The merino light wall is looking good. I was here early to get the rest of the colours up.

We have quite a few discontinued colours and it's time to part with them. There will be a few baskets in the store with these skeins marked down in price - they are 30% off. This makes them $22.75 a skein. These skeins are also marked down on the website. Any colour name with a ** beside it is discontinued.

This has started an early spring cleaning. We are moving things around and getting the store in order. Now I need more slat wall. The bill from dad and Beth is getting bigger and bigger. Since starting my post dad and Beth stopped in to measure up another wall for me. Tosh pashmina will be hanging soon. This led me to moving around more yarn. It is chaos in the store right now but it should be better tomorrow.

This is from Ambah O'Brien's Instagram page.

You have until January 11th to receive 20% off these patterns. Here is a link to all of them on Ravelry.

It's 4pm and I think the wall is finally finished. We found a few more colours that needed to be added.

Our box from Spincycle still hasn't arrived. I called UPS and they tell me it is coming today. I have a really bad feeling that we won't see it until tomorrow.

We've had dinner and I have been taking pictures. The box from Spincycle came in at 5pm. There were some shades that were really different from the colours on our website. I think I've caught all the colours that needed to be changed.

Now it's time for The Masked Singer and a few rows of knitting.

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Lois Evensen said...

Oh, yarn, yarn, and more yarn! Love it!