Sunday, January 20, 2019

The last wedge

I'm about to start the 22nd wedge - the last one. I am obsessed with this pattern. I will be picking colours tomorrow to start another Chevron Shenanigans.
Today was about shovelling, knitting and eating. Beth and I shovelled this morning. There was a lot to do because the plow came through over night and filled in the end of our driveway. Then we headed to dad's for breakfast. Dad's specialty - bacon and eggs. Dad has guests for the weekend - Aunt Clyde and Uncle Dick. We're not related but they have been friends with mom and dad since before I was born. We came home and I knit all afternoon then back to dad's for dinner. I'm writing while watching the end of the football game and then bed. We shovelled a lot of snow this weekend.

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