Monday, January 14, 2019

The Conservatory

I started out early this morning. It’s 5pm Vegas time and I just got back. 12km so far. My first stop was The Conservatory to see the decorations for Chinese New Year.

Then I traveled onto The Park to see Eataly.

The construction of Eataly has taken awhile and I was dying to see what it looked like inside.

This is the map hanging when you walk in from the strip. I walked around a few times and there were so many amazing options for lunch.

I chose a slice of pizza. It was very good.

Everything looked so good that I might head back for dinner (probably by cab at least one way - I’m tired). When you are standing on the Vegas Strip everything looks close. Until you start walking. Then you realize how far away it is.

Dad and Beth went to see a movie tonight. I’m waiting for them to get home so I can say hi to my dad (he is hard of hearing and my room is one of the quietest places in Vegas) and then I’ll head back out.

There hasn’t been any knitting so far today. Maybe after dinner.

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