Saturday, January 26, 2019

Stephen West

Stephen West has new shawl patterns out. (All pictures ©Stephen West). Purchase the pattern for the Cozy Corner Shawl on Ravelry.
Collect a colorful array of yarns to knit this easy garter stitch chevron shawl. Start with a small cast on and watch as the fabric gradually grows into an expansive wingspan. The sideways construction drapes beautifully and provides a large canvas for you to play with stripes and color pops. Four skeins of yarn will yield the large shape, but use as many colors as you like to create a vibrantly striped landscape. 

This pattern is written using MC & CC for staggerd two row stripes throughout the entire project, as shown in the Gray/Blue sample. If you prefer to knit a solid version with occasional accent stripes, as in the Light Gray Color Pop sample, follow the pattern as written and create your own colorful striping sequence.
Choose four colors of worsted or aran weight yarn and fade them together for this simple top-down shawl. Textured stripes flow into a wavy border that is easy and quick to knit. 
You can purchase the pattern for the Slumber Shawl on Ravelry.

I was working by myself today so Beth brought me an afternoon tea. It was the most expensive tea I have ever had. It cost me 2 balls of Zauberball Starke 6 and an Addi circular needle. Beth is going to knit another scarf. I'm not sure if she can find the Addis she used before so I sent a new set. She will only knit with Addis - we created a needle snob. (She's a yarn snob as well 😉.)

Chevron Shenanigans is finished. I'll take pictures tomorrow. What was I going to knit next? I decided to pull out The Throwback. Literally pull it out.
I ripped out the colourwork section and am redoing it. I didn't like how the colours were working. When I finished the colourwork I had lots of each skein left over. I am winding off part of each ball to the colours I like and am restarting.
Our friends are very comfortable. Dad called from Honduras tonight to make sure everything was okay at home. We keep telling him that Lucy is doing well. She's been well behaved and no crying. He doesn't believe us. I think it might be upsetting him that Lucy isn't missing him more.

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Trina said...

Love the pic of Lucy on her bed! We have same bed for Ella (40 pounds) and she takes up about half of it!!