Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Sarah's Throwback

Sarah finished her The Throwback. It looks amazing! (Her new haircut is very cute too). Now the rest of us need to get going on our cardigans.
For the body she used Woolstok and added three colours of Dream State for the yoke.
Andrea Mowry writes this about the pattern
This sweater was inspired by my childhood and weekends spent in northern Michigan on the sand dunes. It is my favorite cardigan for layering and keeping warm all Autumn and Winter long! This sweater is worked flat from the top down, seamlessly, except for the sleeves which are knit in the round.

As you know, we love Andrea Mowry's patterns.

Make sure that you are following her on Instagram - and check her feed daily. Every day in January she will be offering one of her patterns at 25% off.

The Wall is finished. This morning we added the rest of the Life in the Long Grass, Uschitita and Adelaide from Primrose.

Today is a very exciting day. For the past three weeks our fridge has been on the fritz. It has been freezing everything. Kind of like having two freezers. We called a repair man and when he arrived Beth was not sure about him. Something told her that she shouldn't let him work on the fridge. She handed him his $80 for the call and told him that we would find someone else. A few days later a different company was supposed to show. They didn't but did the following day. We waited a week to hear from them but they never called. We never purchase an extended warranty on anything. Or so we thought. We bought our appliances through Corbeils when they were in the Sears store in Ancaster. Beth called their Burlington store and we had purchased the extended warranty. They sent someone out on the 24th and he came back today with parts. Beth met him and it is supposed to be working now. I hope so. I am tired of leaving my milk out for a couple of hours before I can add it to my tea.

I'm home now and so far so good with the fridge. Beth put a bottle of water in at 1:30 and it hasn't frozen yet.

Now I need to pick up my needles. Chevron Shenanigans is calling me.

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