Monday, January 28, 2019


Mr Canada Post dropped off a box of pretty yarn from Fleece Artist this morning. The Thrum Mitt kits are awesome. These kits use 100% wool for the main yarn and are $40.

And here are the kits with Wool, Cashmere and Nylon as the main yarn and these are $50.

I wonder which Soft Mitt kit I want? These kits are $54. Cathy has knit many pairs of these mittens and they are so warm.

I haven't talked about the new website because work on it had stalled. Korey is able to work on it again and we are getting close to launching. All colours of GarnStories have been photographed and will be on the new site. We decided not to add to the old site since we wouldn't be using it for much longer.

I like how the yarn is displaying. There will be tweaking after the site launches but I think you'll like it when you see it.

Now when we put a pattern book on the website we can add pictures of garments from the book.
Small things make me happy😘

We had the weirdest weather today. There was a lot of snow this morning. Then it was clear for most of the afternoon and just before 5 it started coming down. Really coming down and the wind is crazy.

The fireplace is on, I have a fresh tea and it's time to knit.

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Alicia Arruda said...

Those yarn colours are just stunning. There's nothing like new yarn to get me inspired!