Saturday, January 05, 2019


Stephen West has a new shawl pattern on Ravelry. Meet Pierre.
Pictures are ©Stephen West.
Bands of stripes, twisted ribbing, and textured triangles compose this fun-to-knit shawl. The DK weight gauge results in a surprisingly quick knit for you to wear during moody winter nights. 
You need four colours of dk weight yarn and 5mm needles.

Christine Lipscomb’s big-as-you-want-it blanket is a basic granny-square pattern, crocheted in the rainbow brights of Ito colorway #4. Work starts in the center and increases at each corner for every round until you’ve achieved the desired width (the size shown here is 56”/142cm).
Purchase the pattern on Ravelry.
Before I learned to knit my mom taught me to crochet. I made granny square after granny square. When I was young you could get yarn at the grocery store. We would go grocery shopping with my dad on Saturday mornings and I talked him into a lot of balls of yarn. The more colours the better for granny squares.

If you are thinking that you would like to learn how to crochet I highly suggest granny squares. They are easy to make. You are going around and around and for a throw like this your tension isn't an issue. A bit too tight or a bit too loose just means a bit smaller or larger throw.

There is a football game on and I am about to start my tenth wedge on Chevron Shenanigans. I get to join in the next colour on the twelfth wedge. By the time I write tomorrow night I should have pictures with the next colour added in.

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