Tuesday, January 08, 2019

New Purple

Ms. Canada Post brought in a big box from Autumn & Indigo this afternoon. We have Comfort Fade Cardi kits in purple again. And what a beautiful purple. Now I might need to do another purple cardigan - it will be different than the one I have.

We received 6 new colours of Single Sock.
Grey October
Weathered Barn
Melted Copper
Covered Bridge

We used Autumn & Indigo Single Sock to make Powder and Dust.
Lace like little cat paw prints on dust and a lovely neutral, fading color palette make this shawl perfect for every knitter. Easy triangle shape and squishy garter stitch are relaxing to knit, but the lace and the fade add more interest to your shawl.
Choose your favorite 3-color fade and cast on!
I am asked a lot about taking knitting needles on the airplane. I just saw this on twitter.
I always have knitting with me when I fly and have never been questioned about my needles. I am flying between Canada and the US or within the US. I have heard stories of people having problems with needles in Europe and in the Caribbean. One suggestion is to use less expensive needles when flying in case they take them away from you. Have your good needles in your suitcase for when you get to your destination.

The tosh merino light grid wall went up this afternoon. I put up a few colours and was going to call it a day. 
I couldn't stop. I would still be there but dad, Beth and I went out for dinner.

My post is finished and I'm going to knit. For about an hour and then bed. I want to get to work early to play with colours. 

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