Thursday, January 03, 2019


Alex was busy over the holidays and finished another shawl.
Inky by Suzanne Sommer (pattern purchased on Ravelry). Alex used two colours of Uschitita. Two skeins of Andromeda and one skein of Galaxy.
Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This third pattern of the Brioche Trilogy combines Brioche and Garter stitch in a graphic textured shawl with i-cord edges. 
The name is a reference to Inky the Octopus, who escaped his tank in a New Zealand aquarium to live in freedom in Hawke’s Bay – and to my sister, who loves the name Inky and couldn’t stop talking about it! 
This is a great pattern for yarn with high contrast. It works as a two-color version or as a three-color version with a contrasting border.
Grey is the dominant colour and below is the other side of the shawl with purple as the dominant colour.

The shawl above has the purple as the dominant side showing and then I flipped the shawl over for the grey side in the picture below.

Mr. FedEx brought a huge box of Noro Ito yesterday. We are well stocked on all colours again.

We have found many interesting things while cleaning including the Mad Hatter kits from Frabjous Fibers.
The Wonderland Yarns Mad Hatter Combo Kit includes one big 133-gram skein, and five 28-gram mini-skeins of Mad Hatter yarn—all hand-dyed in the gorgeous colours we all love from Wonderland! Use the kit to make anything from stripy mitts to colourful shawls. Mad Hatter is a 100% superwash Merino yarn in a sport weight dyed and spun in the USA

The kits are available in the store and online.

Which Way Shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is knit with one kit.
You’ll get somewhere quick with this engaging chevron stripe shawl made with one main color and five mini skeins. Attractive, slim stripes allow you to carry your colors along, so you’ll only weave in ends where you’ve moved on to the next mini skein. You’ll be able to get someWEAR in no time at all!

I had fun this afternoon. Korey let me play on the new website. I started adding new yarns. He might be sorry. I am going to kick him into gear to get the new site up and running.

Did anyone watch The Masked Singer last night? Beth started and I got sucked in. We have a list of who we think each singer is.

Now it's time for The Big Bang Theory and knitting. I need to shut down my computer or I will work on the website for a few more hours.

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