Sunday, January 27, 2019

Finished but needs blocking

I present Chevron Shenanigans. It still needs to be blocked and the ends sewn in. Hi Alex. I highly recommend this pattern - it was a fun knit.
Select a palette of fading colors to knit this top-down garter stitch shawl. Short rows with chevrons create the unique aymmetrical shape. The small size features four colors and the large size uses five colors fading from light to dark. I-cord edges decorate the clean lines of this classic Westknits shawl.

Sarah sent pictures of her beautiful new The Shift. Cathy knit it for her. Sarah can knit - I've shown her work but she can't knit fast enough for everything she needs/wants. Cathy is a very good great mom who knits for her.
The colours of Dyed in the Wool are
Shades of Earth

I'm working away on my Throwback. The colours are looking much better. I never rip out my knitting but I'm glad that I did.
Now an hour of knitting before bed. Or maybe longer. I want to see how the colours work together.

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