Thursday, January 24, 2019

Almost finished

My Chevron Shenanigans is almost finished. What am I going to knit next? We played with colours today for another Nightshift. This is Mrs Crosby Steamer Trunk. I love the shawl and want to see how it looks in a hand dyed yarn.

I am going to use
Bahama Woodstar
Beauty Marked
Barn Swallow
Wild Huckleberry

I haven't decided the colour order yet. I need to play with that a bit. I made a chart to see which colours are used together.

Every colour is worked with A so I have a feeling that A will be Wild Huckleberry.

C & D are at the end of the shawl. I think these might be Beauty Marked and Saunter.

Steamer Trunk is 100% wool. We have samples knit with Steamer Trunk in the store and customers swear that it is cotton. It is super soft after blocking.
Rueppell's Griffon
Winter Wheat
Squid Ink
Boston Fern
Flame Colored Tanger
Great-tailed Grackle
Northern Parula
A New Leaf
Baltic Amber
Enchanted Forest
Ravishing Rouge
Midnight Augergine
Icebox Watermelon
Barn Swallow
Hollywood Cerise
Alex is going to start So Faded and made a small swatch to make sure she liked the colours. There are six colours of GarnStories here. It is a beautiful fade.

I only have a few more rows on my shawl. Maybe I'll be casting off tonight.

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