Saturday, March 17, 2018

Shifting Colours

Alex stopped by with The Shift. The colours look great.

For this section the darkest colour (Nostalgia) is the background. In a few rows the medium colour (Neveruary) will become the background.

Alex will be in the store on Wednesday - we'll see how far she gets.

Nurmilintu is growing. I'm halfway through the third skein. I'm going to finish this garter stitch section and then one more lace section before I cast off. I'm hoping to make it in four skeins.

You can easily make it smaller. I would do a few more garter stitch rows after the first lace section. Then do the lace and cast off. This will take three skeins.
She's back. Dad and Lucy drove home from Myrtle Beach yesterday and will be here for a few weeks. They brought us tea at lunch time.
She laid down in the driveway and wasn't going to get up. Dad had to lift her up or she'd still be there. When she lays down she is like a rock. When dad walks her she'll stop and lie down until she's ready to go. She's really bad for this in Myrtle Beach. Neighbours are driving by and will stop their car to make sure she's okay. That's Lucy. Stubborn. We say that she got this from my mom. :)


Julie Ann said...

Can't pick her up as easily as a Shih Tzu, Julie!!! Guess you have to wait til she's ready to go again!!!!

Julie said...

Julie Ann - very true. The problem is that she can wait a long time.