Saturday, March 10, 2018

Kids Pairfect

I'm writing this on Wednesday afternoon. An email came in this morning with some exciting news. I just finished packing and am spending a few minutes with Roko before leaving for the airport.

Coming in May

Regia Pairfect for Kids

 There are 8 colours and I have ordered all of them.

We have Pairfect in the store for adults - 100 gram balls with 420m. Regia sock yarn is great - Beth machine washes and machine dries hers. She throws them in with jeans or whatever she is washing. They look brand new.

It's time to head out. I'm early with plans to stop at the Outlet Mall for a few minutes and then grab some food before heading to the airport. It is so small and it doesn't have a restaurant. You can get a bottle of water or beer and a slice of pizza but not much more.

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