Tuesday, March 06, 2018

I want!

Diana finished Brickless (pattern purchased on Ravelry). She steam blocked the shawl and it grew slightly. I really like it this long (I wrapped it twice around the mannequin). If you don't want the length, you can finish whenever you want. Keep in mind that it will grow a bit.

The yarn is Girandola from Louisa Harding and we suggest 3.75mm for the shawl.
Linda finished her Find Your Fade. I WANT!!! She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles. 

Dragonfly (it's the same colour but the skeins were so different that it looks like two different colours)

I think that I want to combine some of these colours with Raku - a new colour from our last shipment. The next shipment should be leaving Ireland any day and there are Potlucks which might work as well.

I've ordered interpretations Volume 5 and it should be in the store early next week.
Interpretations Vol. 5 is a special anniversary collaboration between Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki. Once again these best friends from opposite sides of the world created 12 wonderful patterns for you to enjoy.

 Tree Seeker is one of the amazing patterns in the book. See them all...

I received an update today on the yarn for the Gradient Lapghan. It is supposed to arrive in Toronto today. My supplier will need to unpack it all and then repack to ship. My guess is that we won't see it until Monday or Tuesday. The yarn has been added to the website. I have a feeling there won't be time when I'm in Myrtle Beach to be playing with the website.
The four grey tones are not in the shipment. They will be arriving by the end of March. Don't worry. You won't need these until June.

The new Hand Painted Linen from Trendsetter is really nice to knit with. It has a sheen and feels closer to cotton than linen. It is super soft in your hands. I decided to go with a 4mm needle. Nurmilintu is super simple and would make for great car knitting. It'll perfect for the plane ride.

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