Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy Sunday

We had a great day today. Dad, Lucy and I have had a lot of fun. I’m sad to be leaving tomorrow but I’ll be happy to get home and back to work.

Good news - our Hedgehog order should be arriving in the store any day. It’s been released from Canada Customs and is with Canada Post. Maybe tomorrow but I’m guessing Tuesday morning. I can’t wait to see the Kidsilk Lace.

My knitting is growing. A little.

I need to wind another skein before getting on the plane tomorrow. 

Now it’s bed time. Dad has been working at the church and wants to be out of the house at 8am. He’s making breakfast before he leaves so I need to be up. Did I mention that I need a vacation when I get home? 


Anonymous said...

How do you wind your skeins Julie?

Julie said...

I put the skein around two kitchen chairs and wound it by hand. Easy to do and only took a few minutes.