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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sunset Highway

Elizabeth came in today with her finished Sunset Highway (pattern purchased on Ravelry). I've looked at the pattern and thought it looked nice but you really appreciate the sweater when you see it in real life. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing.
There is nothing quite so romantic as a road trip along the coast, with sunsets blazing in all their glory as you drive with the windows down and ocean breeze in your hair. That ocean breeze can get chilly though, so having a lightweight sweater tossed in the backseat is always a safe bet. Find your favorite speckled sock yarns to knit this unique slouchy sweater with a colorwork yoke and sleeves. Choose similar colors to fade from top to bottom, or get crazy with bright contrasting tones! you can never go wrong with a good speckle from your favorite indie dyer. this oversized sweater will quickly become your comfiest go-to summer layering piece that will transition beautifully into the fall.
It is stunning.
There is a slight bit of shaping in the back so that the back hangs longer than the front. This is done with short rows. I looked at some projects on Ravelry and a few people left this out and made the sweater all the same length.

I've decided on my Vegas Knitting.

I'm going to make Ambah O'Brien's Kimba (we have printed copies in the store or you can purchase on Ravelry) using Hedgehog Skinny Singles.

Raku - I will use this for the first colour (coral in the sample)
Cereal (the lightest colour in the sample that separates the other colours)
Wildcard  (rust in the sample)
Eel (black in the sample)
I'm getting this in just under the wire. Beth and I went to dad's to watch football with him when I finished work. We were going to leave after the first game but a group of his friends came over and we all played cards. I did get some knitting in before they arrived. I have 18 rows to go on Find Your Fade. I'm going to do a few rows tonight and should finish tomorrow.

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