Friday, January 26, 2018

Hello from Vegas

It’s been a very long day. I was up before 5am for my 9:30 flight. I was able to knit a few rows in the terminal before we boarded.

We were on the plane and ready to go when the pilot came on and told us that the plane had a flat tire. That was a problem. It took over an hour to change it. The flight was going well until we were just outside of Vegas. The pilot came on again. We had to circle for a while because there was a plane with a problem on the runway. 45 minutes later we were able to land.

I accomplished quite a bit on the plane. The third colour has been added.

I arrived at the hotel two hours after I should have been there. No time for a nap. Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, check into my room and then off to the arena to get a ticket for the hockey game. That wasn’t easy - the game was sold out.

Vegas lost but it was a really good game. 

I’m getting ready for bed but wanted to do a quick post. It’s 11:15 Vegas time which is 2:15 Ancaster time. I’ve been up for almost 24 hours. Ouch. But it was worth it. I had a great day.

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