Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Goodbye Las Vegas

Right now I’m sitting in the United Lounge in the airport. My flight was delayed an hour this morning. I knew that and stayed at the hotel. After an hour in the airport I received a text that my flight is now 5 hours delayed. So I’ve had lunch (on Air Canada) and there has been some knitting. I came here to have some quiet and charge my devices.

The view is great. I can watch the planes landing.

The bad part is I can see the Strip and I’m not there.

This was my view earlier. I had to leave because the sun was shining on me and it was very warm. I’m complaining now but I’ll be missing it when I land in Toronto at 1 in the morning to very cold weather.

I could watch the planes coming and going from here too.

I was packed and ready to go to my gate when another text came through. We’re delayed another hour. I might make it home in time to work tomorrow. The good thing is that I have my knitting with me.

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Trina said...

Get home safely! At least you still have your sense of humour!